A team of experienced professionals.

Jason Betsill / Owner

   Jason is from a third generation building family and eight generations of Betsill carpenters.  The Betsill family settled in Fayette County Georgia in the late 1800's and was one of the original charter families of the County.  His grandfather, Alex, was a custom home builder in the Metro Atlanta area in the Early 1960's where he constructed numerous homes throughout the area.  He was a true "craftsman" in the truest sense of the word.  His father, Jeff, was always on job sites with Alex, learning quality construction in early childhood.  As Jeff got older, he spent many years working alongside his father (Jason's grandfather).  They would not simply oversee the construction of the job site through scheduling of subcontractors and suppliers.  They would physically perform many of the aspects of construction with their own hands.  This included many facets such as stacking blocks for the foundation walls, framing and roofing the home as well as running electrical, plumbing, interior wood trim, etc. 

   From the time Jason could walk,  he too was on job sites with his father and grandfather.  As he got older, he began to work in construction also.  Jason was alongside his father building homes with their own hands and learning about how to do things "the right way" which they lovingly referred to as "the Betsill way".  Jason learned each facet of construction, and what to look for during construction to ensure the home was built in a quality manner.  Jason, Jeff & Alex spent many summers setting slab form boards, setting walls, rafters, decking roofs, installing windows, installing trimwork, etc.   Many times Jason would attend school during the day, go to football practice after school, and then come home to help drive nails on the family home until dark.  They spent many summers building barns, sheds, houses, etc.  During high school, Jason performed warranty and general framing on homes built for sale by the family. 

   After leaving High School, Jason attended the State University of West Georgia and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science.  Upon graduating from college, he began full time work in construction as a general contractor (home builder).  In the past eleven years Jason and Jeff have constructed several hundred homes in the Metro Atlanta area as well as a few dozen commercial buildings and several residential developments.  In 2000, Jason obtained his Georgia Real Estate License and in 2003 he obtained a Georgia Real Estate Broker's License.

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Jeff Betsill / Senior Coordinator

   Jeff has handled the construction of numerous commercial buildings as well as development of many residential tracts.  He has overseen quality control for each project as well as employee management.  From around 1974 to 1984, Jeff was a custom home builder where he worked along side his father Alex, building homes from the ground up.  Jeff is experienced at handling all property acquisition and general management of the organization on a day to day business. From 1984 to 1994, Jeff was a job site supervisor with Jerry Ballard Homes & Communities in Fayetteville, GA.  Jerry was a commercial & Residential Builder/Developer. During his time of working with Jerry Ballard he handled numerous facets of development and construction.  Jeff would handle the taking of a raw tract of land and developing it into either a residential subdivision or a commercial development.· He also supervised construction of two large daycare centers (including site supervision), he also supervised construction of dentist office (including site development), other jobs he was an integral part of were :

·         Supervised Construction of Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Building (three stories) (including site development)

·         Supervised Construction of 20,000 square foot auto service center (including site development)

·         Supervised Construction of 16,800 square foot commercial office/warehouse building (including site development)

·         Supervised Construction of Numerous additional commercial buildings including structures such as nursing homes, apartment complexes, and retirement communities.


    Member of the National Association of Homebuilders
    1999 Homebuilder of the Year award – Homebuilders Association of Mid-West Georgia
    Past President of Mid-West Georgia Homebuilders Association
    Pas Board of Directors – Homebuilders Association of Mid-West Georgia
    Past Board of Directors – Homebuilders Association of Georgia
    Member of the Georgia Real Estate Commission
    Licensed as Real Estate Salesperson in 1996

More about the Betsill Family Heritage in Fayette County, GA >


Robin Hullemeyer / Sales Coordinator

Robin Hullemeyer has been in new homes sales for 15 years. She has successfully assisted buyers in the purchase and building of hundreds of homes, and is known to be one of the top selling new homes agents in the south Atlanta area. She is a former elementary school teacher with a Bachelor's of Science in Education, Cum Laude.

Robin has worked for Green Forest Construction for the past 8 years and has this to say about working for the company:

“My goal in selling new homes has always been to provide a smooth process for the buyers. This is no easy undertaking as there are numerous details involved in the building of a home. What I love about working for Green Forest is that I have the resources available through the company to allow for this smooth process to happen. From the beginning, the builder is available to walk the lot immediately and review the plan details with the buyers. The builder then provides pricing and answers questions usually the same day they are submitted. I then inform buyers in detail about the process from start to finish regarding making selections, marking outlets, choosing granite and lighting, walk throughs and closing. In addition to this, I am available daily for phone calls, and take the time to remind buyers of where we are in the process, and what I may need from them regarding selections. If there are any problems or concerns, they are addressed immediately as the builder and superintendent  are always available to take my calls or e-mails. In addition, Green Forest has worked with the same subcontractors for years, and I never have any doubt about the quality of workmanship that the buyers will receive. When it's time for the final walk through, the home is complete and beautiful, and the buyers are happy! It takes a great team to provide a pleasant new home purchase, and that is what I am a part of at Green Forest Construction.”

Robin is also knowledgeable regarding financing and monitoring the loan process along with the building process. She only directs buyers to the best loan officers and companies, and works directly with the buyers and lenders to insure that this process is also smooth.